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Changeology Consulting is a Melbourne based consultancy specialising in the provision of cultural change programs in the area of behavioural change, skills development and uplift for new managers, senior managers and executives. Core business areas include leadership development, executive coaching, team building, business process improvement training and workshop facilitation tailored to the individual and organisation’s strategic goals.

We will work with you to understand your needs and build relationships that support you and your team to achieve successful outcomes.

Our Approach

We undertake a diagnostic to verify current state, from this we develop tailored programs for the individual or business. Using a variety of proven tools and techniques we create learning environments that cater to the individuals or team’s specific needs, therefore maximising growth and opportunities.

Changeology Consulting provide in-person delivery of expertise and guidance where we primarily act as educators, motivators, coaches and facilitators. We provide leadership, structure and process in all aspects of our project and are transparent, open and pragmatic in our delivery.

Our Team


Carolyn Johnston


Carolyn has extensive experience working in the private and public sector working for major listed corporations and government. Carolyn has worked with and supported senior managers, executives and CEO’s providing targeted advice based on their individual needs including building their personal brands. Carolyn has highly developed facilitation, presentation and interpersonal skills and is an accredited practitioner in Prosci Change Management methodology and Human Synergistics Life Style Inventory products and has delivered award winning programs.


    Pat Griffiths

    Senior Consultant

    Pat has extensive experience in the area of organisational and leadership development working with organisations in a number of industries, including the health sector, local government, manufacturing, retail and defence over the past 15 years. Pat has been delivering a selected range of Human Synergistics products for over 20 years. Pat has highly developed facilitation, presentation and interpersonal skills, and has a Masters in Business Administration.

      Change Management

      We will work with you and or your team to maximise the opportunities presented through change. Areas that we can work with you on are:

      • Stakeholder engagement and communication strategies and frameworks
      • Building leadership resilience and capability to manage self and others through change
      • Strengthen relationships internally and externally
      • Retention of staff
      • Create positive working environments
      • Create clarity around roles, functions and what needs to be done and strengthen leadership capability
      • Develop and embed a culture of continuous improvement

      We do this in partnership and provide you with the strategies and practical tools. We leave your organisation better placed to embed and sustain the change by generating insights and maximising skills transfer throughout the process.

      Team Building and Workshop Facilitation

      We work with you and your team to identify and understand the strengths of the individual and to maximise the untapped potential.

      By deepening the understanding of each team member of their own strengths and weaknesses, and theirs and their colleagues preferred working styles we can help teams work together more effectively to deliver the desired business outcomes.

      Business Process Improvement Training

      We offer training in the following areas, enabling your employees to embed change and drive a culture of continuous improvement. We will work with you to determine and then tailor the most appropriate training for your needs by establishing:-

      a) the purpose, vision and desired outcomes for a Business Process Improvement initiative
      b) what you want the people who are trained to be able to do differently
      c) how you will measure the return on investment you would be targeting from the initiative – these might include some or all of:

      • financial focus (eg cost reduction)
      • better resource allocation (eg increasing transaction capacity through process improvements such as reduced lead times)
      • enhanced internal customer satisfaction (eg quicker turnaround times for reports)
      • skills enhancement for your managers


      "Carolyn Johnston and Pat Griffiths from Changeology Consulting came into our organisation after and during a period of major change. Their focus was on coaching executive and senior managers appointed to new roles. I was not in this group however I was able to benefit from their presence as their inclusive and generous approach provided a framework and sense of security to a broader group which included me, during an abrupt and unexpected leadership change. In addition they created a team, from previously siloed staff, and over a relatively short period of time, this team which includes me, works more effectively and has more fun. I have appreciated their willingness to share with a wider group, to treat everyone as equal and to give us the skills to change the way we work together. They are very good at their job and I have valued and appreciated their skills and generosity of spirit."

      Liza Taylor

      Governance Manager Faculty, Medical Dentistry and Health Sciences
      "I have been fortunate to be part of a Leadership Development and Executive Coaching program offered by Changeology Consulting. This has been extremely beneficial in helping me refocus my energy following a period of great change. Their individual, tailored program, which is underpinned by extensive experience and sound methodology, has allowed me to capitalise on my strengths and given me additional insight into areas for further development. By working regularly with the consultants I have developed additional skills and gained a new-found confidence in my place as a leader in the organisation. The team at Changeology have been delightful to work with, having the right balance of discipline and fun to bring out the best of those they are coaching. I (and the organisation) will continue to benefit from the program well beyond it’s formal conclusion.

      Helen Dedman

      Campus Relationship Manager Royal Children's Hospital (Dept of Paediatrics) and Royal Women's Hospital (Dept of Obstetrics & Gynaecology) Melbourne Medical School
      "I have worked with Carolyn in a number of capacities, as a peer, as her manager and as a client. Throughout the years I have continued to be impressed by Carolyn's insights, her ability to discreetly yet effectively coach and guide, and her innate ability to engage with all levels of business. With an organisation ability that leaves others in her wake, and a work ethic that is inspirational Carolyn strives to exceed the expectations of her clients and succeeds on every front”.

      Jaida Nicholson

      Faculty Executive Director Medical Dentistry and Health Science

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